Jacksonville rapper Nardo Wick returned on Monday (December 6) with a menacing new visual for his song “Wicked Witch” on the heels of his debut album Who Is Nardo Wick?

In the video, Wick and his love interest kill and rob customers in an old school diner as the rapper, who sports a bloody gash on his temple, spits about all the things he and his girl want to buy with their riches. Stylized with Pulp Fiction flavors, Nardo and his girl star as a modern-day hood Bonnie and Clyde, cruising around and partying in a musty motel following their gruesome robbery.

The visual arrives after Nardo Wick’s first platinum certification, which he received for his single “Who Want Smoke?” in November right before the release of his debut project. The track had already gained serious traction thanks to TikTok and the “Who Want Smoke?” challenge, which proved to be controversial, and even led to 50 Tennessee high school students getting suspended.

As reported by Clarksville Now, a 17-year-old sophomore named Christian Williams posted the video on November 20. It quickly gained around 500,000 likes on TikTok before it was made private. Williams was called to the principal’s office a day later and was informed every student involved in the viral challenge was had been suspended for “violating the student code of conduct.”

“(The principal) was suspending everybody that was in the video, and it was 50-plus people, because I made two parts to this video,” Williams said. “Lesson learned.”

Check out the video for “Wicked Witch” below.