Saweetie has been having a breakout year, and she’s due for a new project. Before she drops her debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, Saweetie has been working on another project.

Last week, Saweetie spoke about the upcoming project with culture critic and author Gerrick Kennedy, explaining it will be a seven-song EP called Icy Season. The title falls right in line with Saweetie’s persona, and fans can expect it to drop on January 7.

Saweetie also revealed Icy Season will have a boatload of features and serve as a “pretty bitch bible” for all the icy girls out there. Although Icy Season is just a warm-up for her debut studio album Pretty Bitch Music, the EP continues Saweetie’s steady streak of releasing new music.

Her latest project, Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, dropped in April and she has released several singles since, including the double-platinum hit “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat.

Saweetie is also building on her breakout year with two Grammy nominations. On top of getting a nod for Best Rap Song for “Best Friend,” Saweetie was nominated for Best New Artist.

She recently took to Twitter to celebrate her nominations while “liking” a tweet pointing out she’s up against J. Cole in the Best Rap Song category.

Saweetie Celebrates J. Cole Grammy Competition - After Freestyling For Him In College

Saweetie once dished out a freestyle for Cole when she was back in college and told the Dreamville MC she’ll see him at the top one day.

“I’m speechless I wish I had the words to express how I feel but I’m just so grateful,” Saweetie wrote after receiving news of her Grammy nominations. “Being acknowledged for all the hard work me & my team have been doing feels AMAZINNNNNG thank you #TeamIcy for stickin with me through thick and thin y’all some real ride or dies IKDR!!”