Fetty Wap’s label head Nitt Da Gritt (real name Frank V. Robinson) isn’t too happy with the “Trap Queen” rapper’s recent music video. The feud between the pair started last week when Fetty told Fat Joe in a candid interview his label never financially supported him.

“I felt like I had to do everything myself,” Fetty said to Fat Joe. “For the tours, I put up all the bread for the tours. I paid for all the tour buses. Everything came out of my expenses. It was like, I gotta pay y’all but I’m paying for everything else.”

The RGF head was quick to bite back at Fetty Wap after learning of his allegations, saying in an Instagram post Fetty is “Mr. Delusional.”

“I Never said I paid for your lawyer, but I did send one up there just in case you needed one but you had it covered,” he wrote.”And if I’m miserable your [sic] ‘DELUSIONAL’ bc you not a street n-ggaa , trap n-gga , hustler or none of the above and your [sic] definitely not from 12th Ave. You wasn’t even a little sprinkle of that #fettycap #173fake.”

Nitt reaffirmed these claims on Sunday (November 28) when Fetty Wap dropped his “First Day Out” music video, which spoke on Fetty’s recent release from jail after being arrested on federal drug and firearm charges on federal drug and firearm charges at Rolling Loud New York.

“Make a first day out song?” Nitt said in a shirtless video response on Instagram. “N-gga, you trying to be Gucci Mane? What the fuck, man? Like bro, it’s like you having a fucking identity crisis, bro. Bro, just be yourself, man,” he said.

Nitt goes on to further question the legitimacy of Fetty’s claims made in the music video.

“The platform we have, the level of success that we’ve reached, why would we wanna fight for free?” he continued. “Let’s fight for some spaghetti, the fuck? Let’s do it in front of the whole wide world. You told the whole wide world and painted this picture that you was a trapper and you was big zoo-op from the bando, only bando you ever was in was the one you slept in.”

Nitt concluded by saying Fetty should get back to his roots and make a proper comeback, and accused him of trying too hard.

“Do it for what you was doing it for before,” he said, “what got you where you was at, my n-gga … N-gga trying too hard bro, that sh*t is like trying too hard at its finest.”

Check out Fetty Wap’s music video for “First Day Out” below.