After appearing on several tracks on Shady Records’ mixtape/album The Re-Up over a year ago, Bobby Creek has been seldom heard from. Recently, the Atlanta native with HipHopDX at the A3C festival to discuss his current situation at Shady Records:

Everything’s beautiful, man. Em’s working on his next project, and everybody’s getting’ geared
up for that. So everything’s beautiful
Creek continued, “I’ll say this…everybody over at that label takes music
seriously. They’re perfectionists, and they understand that first impressions
are everything. If our projects take a little longer than people would like, just
know that we’re making impactful [sic] music so we can make the impression we
need to make. The music is going to be worth it for the fans – the wait will be
worth it.

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The rapper spoke on his upcoming projects as well. “I’m working on A Brilliant Mistake, Em is working on his LP, and we’re having talks about possibly
doing a ‘Re-Up 2.’ My mixtape series
Anthem 2 Da Streetz…volume 3 [is] coming
out soon, sooner than everything else. Shady Records, we got a lot comin’. I
can’t speak on everything because I don’t want to spoil the movie for ya’ll –
this is a motion picture. There’s a lot to look forward to. D12, they’re working. Obie [Trice], he’s working. We’re all working
.” As for a release date for his album, Creek offered only that the label is “pushing for a…fall release.

Finally, Bobby Creek addressed rumors about label head Eminem’s supposed massive weight gain. “[There] must be two [Eminems],
because the Em I just saw is in
perfectly good shape. [I] saw him recently playing a pickup basketball game, so
I don’t know much about the 250-pound Em;
I missed that, I didn’t see that guy. No truth to those rumors whatsoever.

He’s focused, basically,” said Creek of Eminem. “He understands he’s been away for
a while, and that he’s got to come back that much harder. He’s focused – 110
percent. Y’all should expect that; he’s been away for a while, and he’s got a
statement to make.