In a recent interview with DJ Semtex, Lil Wayne was asked who he would like to work with but has yet to. After Weezy responded with unrealistic collaborations with the likes of Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr, he went on to discuss a more feasible collaboration that has yet to happen.

“I’ve never done a song with Eminem,” Wayne says. “I sent him a song and he ain’t do it. I didn’t like that but it’s all good. People be busy and stuff or a.k.a. just scared to get on a song with me.”

Wayne also discusses Kanye West’s contributions to The Carter III. It has been widely known that Kanye and Weezy were working together on the album but many are curious as to what extent West is featured.



“The first time, Kanye came and brought me 5 joints. The next time he came and gave me a CD with 15 joints on it. I had to tell him, hold on, please stop,”Weezy jokes. “On the album Kanye has a good three (songs) but in the files he has about twenty.”

Semtex then asks Wayne about his partying lifestyle and addresses the late Pimp C and his usage of syrup. He mentions that many of his fans are worried about him and his lifestyle.

“Well first off I don’t party hard because if I did, then I wouldn’t be able to produce the great music that I do,” he explains. “Second of all, I don’t party hard because if I did I wouldn’t be able to produce the amount of music that I do. Third of all, I don’t party hard because if I did my music wouldn’t be of quality. Fourth, sizzurp is a downer. It’s codeine that makes you tired. So you don’t want to party, you want sizzurp.”

“Fifth, I’m me and I do what the fuck I want to do and I’m going to keep doing what the fuck I want to do. And if syrup is what the fuck I want to do *shakes cup of syrup and takes a sip*, I’m gonna do it until I can’t do it no more,”Wayne continues. “And if you are worrying about me, I promise to God I appreciate it but keep your worries and worry about more important things like yourself. I swear I get on my knees every night and day. I’m fine. So if you’re worrying about me you are wasting your time because my God got me whether he takes me today or next year or never, I’m good.”