Drake currently has a doppelganger running amok in clubs in Miami, Florida and social media has been eating up the viral moments. “Fake Drake,” as the internet calls him, hadn’t been seen in a few weeks, but now he’s back taking his gimmick to the next level.

On Sunday (October 31), Akademiks shared a pair of videos showing “Fake Drake” performing songs by the actual 6 God at a club in Miami. The first clip shows Frizzy getting warmed up to Drake’s “Trophies,” while in the second video he’s performing Certified Lover Boy‘s No. 1 hit “Way 2 Sexy” (sans Future and Young Thug, of course).

According to Akademiks, “Fake Drake” will be going on tour and the clips from this past weekend are from the first show. Akademiks could be joking, of course, but fans in his Instagram comments are enjoying all the comedy from this latest sighting of the 6 Fraud.

Last week, “Fake Drake” was at Club Story in Miami celebrating the real Drake’s 35th birthday. He ended up getting on the microphone and announced he’s from Toronto, too.

“Is it really Drizzy? Nah, you dizzy,” the man said. “I’m from Toronto. I came here six days ago and I blew up. Tory Lanez posted me in his story. So we just riding this shit, it’s all part of God’s plan’.”

Drake may or may not be aware of his doppelganger, but he can thank Tory Lanez for creating a viral moment at his expense. Lanez ran into “Fake Drake” at a few clubs in Miami and posted some of the footage to his social pages last month. Word got around and the Drake lookalike began popping up at clubs all over Miami.

Drake Has A Doppelganger Running Wild In Miami Nightclubs

It’s reached the point where “Fake Drake” is building his own following, with more and more club goers desperate to take their photo with him.