Kevin Gates leapt to viral fame (literally) last month when a photo of him jumping in the air during a concert in Kansas City, Missouri became a trending topic on Twitter.

“Oh Ye who Believe – Gifted – dive in the crowd no safety harness #HealingExperience #iamHim #KhazaTour,” Gates captioned the meme-worthy photo, which captured him impressively bending his knees behind his back and touching his toes while levitating several feet in the air.

“Bro vertical is incredible,” one fan replied in awe, while another joked, “NBA Scouts ringing that n-gga phone right now.”

That spectacular leap was no fluke, though. As it turns out, Kevin Gates‘ impressive athletic ability is partly a byproduct of the insane stretching routine he goes through before every show. The Baton Rouge native gave fans a sneak peek of his warm-up routine on Twitter on Wednesday (October 20).

“My medicine before I go on stage,” he wrote next to a photo of him pulling off a backbend stretch designed to improve spinal flexibility, as well as a picture of him lacing up ready to burn some calories on a treadmill.

Leaping into the air has become something of a trademark of Kevin Gates’ lately, having also busted out the move during his Khaza tour stop in Silver Spring, Maryland on Thursday night (October 21). Once again, the Islah rapper accompanied the photo with a cryptic spiritual message.

“As Salaam Alaikum Suspect evil of no one until see it,” he wrote. “Once see it, forget it not, for once an enemy could never be a friend: The Wicked flee when no one pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a Lion – it is in this spirit that we write behold #TheBeloved.”

Kevin Gates has dedicated himself to leading a healthy lifestyle in recent years, becoming more disciplined with his diet while incorporating everything from weight training and cardio to yoga and meditation into his schedule. As a result, he’s lost roughly 100 pounds and has a lean, mean physique to show for it.

Kevin Gates ‘Jumps’ Into Twitter Meme Gold With Viral Photo

“I wanted more for myself,” he told Men’s Health in 2019. “I got tired of being a fat guy. I got tired of every time somebody took they’re shirt off, I was making excuses for why I didn’t think it was cool to take your shirt off. I think it’s fly.”

No pun intended.