Rappers are always in the limelight, and it’s hard to keep a low profile, especially in a society run by social media. Some artists manage to keep their personal lives private from prying eyes, and Jack Harlow can consider himself one of those people.

The Louisville, Kentucky native gave Vogue an inside look into his life recently, and Jack Harlow made sure to explain he doesn’t do interviews like this all the time. He believes artists and celebrities need to have some things to themselves that should remain private.

“It’s one of the reasons I have reservations about doing this, which are I don’t want you to know what my 24 hours are like, I don’t want you to see the inside of my room,” Harlow said while riding in a car. “I don’t want you to see that; I want that for me. I don’t want you to know who I’m dating. I want something for me because if you do enough, they’ll take it all from you. It’s all for them if you give them enough. So, that’s one thing I learned is cut off some access.”

Jack Harlow is one of the more active rappers on social media, especially when hanging out with his new best friend and comedian, Druski. The “Tyler Herro” rapper regularly posts pictures of himself doing everyday activities like hanging out with friends or locking in on work, but he never reveals personal activities such as going on dates and being with his immediate family.



Jack Harlow Donates To Civil Rights & Domestic Violence Organizations In Kentucky Hometown

Despite keeping his personal life private, Jack Harlow wants people to pay attention to the community service he’s doing back home in Louisville. According to People, the 23-year-old rapper is donating to a number of organizations spanning civil rights and support for domestic violence victims including AMPED, Center for Women and Families, Grace James Academy and Louisville Urban League & Metro United Way.