Louisville, KY

Jack Harlow represents his hometown to the fullest. Louisville, Kentucky holds a special place in Harlow’s heart, so he’s giving back to numerous organizations helping different causes across the Bluegrass State’s largest city.

According to People, the 23-year-old rapper is donating to a number of organizations spanning civil rights and support for domestic violence victims including AMPED, Center for Women and Families, Grace James Academy and Louisville Urban League & Metro United Way.

“It means everything,” he said. “It’s my foundation. It’s part of my DNA. People joke about how often I reference my home, but it’s a huge part of my identity and I want you to think of Louisville when you think of me. My career feels like a mission that’s bigger than me.”

The “WHAT’S POPPIN” rapper added he wants to provide the right example and shine a light on Louisville for all of the kids looking up to him with grand aspirations.

“I know there’s a kid in the city with headphones on, getting off the bus, walking home from school — listening to my music, watching my interviews, reading these words right now —that feels like this same dream is possible for him,” Harlow explained. “I want people nationwide to look at Louisville as an important and cultural city.”

This isn’t the first time Jack Harlow has given back to his hometown. Earlier this year, he donated new uniforms and softball equipment to a local Special Olympics team in Louisville.

Meanwhile, an interview Harlow gave to Footwear News in July provides clues behind his decision to support the Louisville Urban League & Metro United Way, whose mission is to “assist African Americans and other marginalized populations in attaining social and economic equality.”

“What is important is that I lead by example for all the white kids looking at me,” he said. “This is what you do. You don’t just enjoy Black culture. You stand up next to Black people in a time of need.”

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In other news, Jack Harlow continues his Crème De La Crème Tour this weekend with round two of the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas. Check out footage from his first performance on Saturday night (October 2) below.