Louisville, KY

Jack Harlow loves giving back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. For his latest gift to the community, Harlow got wind of a local Special Olympics softball team needing new gear and he came through to bless them with brand new gloves, uniforms, Jack Harlow merch shorts and catcher’s equipment, according to WHAS11.

The Louisville Royals Special Olympics softball team recently received the pleasant surprise and the team’s coordinator Cathy Derringer said the timing couldn’t have been better, as the team usually relies on donations and thrifted gear.

“They had a donation that was looking for a home,” she said. “It was the exact equipment that we were putting off for a year. We didn’t spend money on it this year because we wanted to wait… it was amazing. We needed it and it found its way to us.

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“We would have to go to flea markets, yard sales and rely on other team’s donations… We are always looking for donations. It helps our athletes out so much.”

Players on the team include boys and girls ranging from ages 10 to 23 years old. They were ecstatic when the fresh gear came in as one player called it “awesome.”

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“It was a lot of surprises and [we’re] happy to get new equipment” another added. “I like to see them play well. The team is made up of all kinds of different people.”

On the music side, the “WHATS POPPIN” rapper is gearing up to hit the road. Jack Harlow’s Creme De La Creme Tour kicks off in Orlando on September 8.