“I say this to all media, you can’t force Lil Wayne to stop sipping drank. That’s
going to be a personal choice.”

The above is a quote from Bun B, commenting on the New Orleans rapper’s addiction to
promethazine codeine cough syrup.

Wayne recently revealed his addiction in an interview with Blender
magazine. “If I go off it, I go into withdrawl,” Wayne said. [click here]

Pimp C, Bun B’s partner in the duo UGK, died in December from mixing the syrup
with his prescription medication for sleep apnea. When asked about Wayne’s statement by Rhapsody, Bun B said that media outlets and
friends pushing Wayne to stop aren’t
helping the situation.

“When you have 100 people telling you not to do something,
that shit doesn’t work like that,”
Bun B
said. “…People stop doing things whenever they sort of feel their way up to it.
The kid said he would love to stop, but the withdrawl symptoms are too intense
for him. Anybody going through something like that knows what it is.”

Bun B also said
that he had previously sipped syrup before as well, but he stopped last summer because
it “fucked with his stomach.” He admitted that he still used alcohol and
marijuana, and challenged anyone patronizing Wayne’s situation to “walk around with your proverbial white cup
with you all day and see if you could handle the pressure.”

Since Pimp C’s
death, Bun B has been vocal about
the dangers of the drug, and has said his upcoming solo album, Trill II, will likely not have any syrup

“While it wasn’t solely the cause of his death, we have to
be very real about the consequences to some of these things,
Bun B said in a television interview
with My Fox Houston. [click to watch]