It wouldn’t be surprising to learn Snoop Dogg gets very little sleep these days. Between his responsibilities as Def Jam Recordings Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant, father, husband, MC and spokesperson for brands such as Corona and General Insurance, there likely isn’t enough time to accomplish everything he needs to do on a daily basis unless he stays up all night.

Even so, the accomplished entrepreneur is adding another role to his ever-expanding résumé — brand ambassador for denim brand G-Star RAW. The Dutch company unveiled its “Say It Witcha Booty” campaign on Tuesday (September 14) with the D-O-Double-G posing in G-Star RAW threads.

He also raps a few bars on the accompanying “Say It Witcha Booty” single with lines such as, “Fe Fi Fo Fum, I’m watching it go dumb/Hip’s wiggling, yeah I’m diggin’ it.”

According to Rolling Stone, G-Star RAW’s CMO Gwenda Van Vliet noted Snoop Dogg was a “true original,” making him the perfect person to enlist for the campaign. Van Vliet wanted to work with the multi-platinum star because he “is always staying ahead, reinventing himself and he dares to cross genres. Bringing different worlds together is something that is true to us, and to Snoop.”



G-Star RAW initially approached Snoop for the campaign six months ago but with COVID-19 restrictions, the Amsterdam-based brand was forced to shoot much of the content remotely.

“It’s honestly amazing what we have pulled off with both teams in such a short time,” Van Vliet added. “We have been drawing inspiration from Snoop’s unique sense of style and the G-Star archives, fusing craftsmanship and street level edge.”

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The company also customized a unique look for Snoop —  a short-sleeved shirt inspired by a ’90s NATO cold-weather aircrew suit made from premium Japanese denim. The shirt is paired in the campaign with the brand’s Pilot 3D Slim jeans, an innovative design based on vintage army air force pants.



“We have been pushing our brand message, around the perfect denim fit for a while – and the match with this track is a match made in heaven,” Van Vliet says. “Snoop was very much involved in the creative and outspoken about what he likes and what he doesn’t.”

Snoop’s other endeavors also include Tostito’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Old Navy and Overstock.