As of now, R&B sensation, Usher, hasn’t officially announced an album title or release date for his follow-up to his 2004 mega-smash hit, Confessions, but the word is that the wait won’t be too much longer.

I was speaking to him the other day, asking him when he was gonna start putting singles out,Jermaine Dupri tells MTV News late last week. “He said, ‘Soon.’ So, it’s coming.

Dupri, a longtime friend and collaborator of Usher’s, is slated to contribute to the singer’s next offering. It looks as if Dupri’s words are a prophecy fulfilled because since last speaking with MTV News, two new Usher records have surfaced.

“In The Club,” produced by Polow Da Don is getting play, currently, on Atlanta radio stations. Young Jeezy is featured on the bass heavy, mid-tempo club ready banger. “I wanna make love in this club,Usher sings on the chorus.

The second record, which is already floating around on the Internet, is called “Moving Mountains” and is said to be produced by Timbaland. As for the rest of the album, Philadelphia producers, Dre & Vidal have contributed several songs, while Lil Jon is waiting for the right record to add to Usher’s musical concoction.

The King of Crunk, having already given three smashes to Usher with “Yeah!,” “Red Light” and “Lovers and Friends,” isn’t trying to force anything.

I’m trying to find a new sound. I don’t wanna come and have the same old, same old. I’m trying to give Usher that stadium record again. I don’t wanna give him no bullshit. I wanna give him another ‘Yeah!,’ another record that sets the tone for his entire album,” said Jon.

There is no word as to whether “In The Club” or “Moving Mountains” are official singles or if they will even make the album.