NBA YoungBoy remains behind bars as he awaits trial on federal weapons possession charges but the Louisiana rapper is utilizing any option at his disposal to regain his freedom.

On Tuesday (July 20), YoungBoy’s lawyers argued the rapper should be released into the custody of a licensed private security professional who could provide 24-hour security for the rapper and more, according to AllHipHop. The lawyers also suggested YoungBoy to submit regular reports to pretrial services, electronic monitoring and provide proof of gainful employment as an artist for Atlantic Records.

Having already been denied the chance to match a bail request of $540,000, YoungBoy’s legal counsel has argued law enforcement violated his Fourth, Fifth And Sixth Amendment rights when he was arrested in September 2020 and failed to read him his Miranda Rights.

In April, YoungBoy pleaded not guilty to one count of felon in possession of a firearm and one count of possession of an unregistered firearm.

NBA YoungBoy Sends Cryptic Jail DM As Fans Eat Up Tyler, The Creator Feature ‘WUSYANAME'

As YoungBoy continues to go through all legal channels in order to return to the free world, he’s found fans ecstatic over the music he recorded before he was arrested. In June, he lent a verse to Tyler, the Creator’s No. 1 album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST and the standout track “WUSYANAME” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. On top of a sample of H-Town’s “Back Seat (Wit No Sheets)”, YoungBoy’s guest verse earned praise as he gave fans a brief heads up regarding his feelings on love.

“This Kentrell Lit Top these people don’t love me like you said,” he wrote about fake people who didn’t have their best intentions with him. “I miss you dearly I apologize and see you soon.”