As news of Bill Cosby’s impending freedom continues to circulate, another shocking development is gaining traction on Twitter. Kota The Friend, who dropped his Statik Selektah collab To Kill A Sunrise in March, is being accused of predatory sexual behavior by a woman who goes by @teyonie on the social media platform.

According to the woman’s cascade of accusatory tweets, Kota The Friend allegedly forced himself on her sexually, strangled her and threatened her if she retaliated in any way — and she says she has proof.

“Can we discuss how abusive and manipulative Kota The Friend is?” she begins. “This dude literally strangled me, forced himself on me sexually and put me through crazy mental abuse. He portrays himself to be this wholesome n-gga but in reality he’s a whole predator. I have physical screenshots, emails. I have an actual audio recording of him while he physically put his hands on me. A police report filed on March 17. I also have audio of him threatening to hire someone to hurt me if I were to retaliate.”

The woman explained she’s known Kota The Friend for over six years and at one point had a consensual relationship with him before his music career began to take off. Although she says she tried to stay silent on the matter, she feels she has a duty to other women to stand up for what’s right.

“Sad part is I really didn’t even want shit to get to this point,” she continues. “I hate attention and I damn sure hate the idea of causing harm to other people. But it’s a bigger issue than me. He needs to be accountable for the trauma he puts women through.”

But then she says she doesn’t want to “paint him as a flat out racist and woman beater” and instead, wants to focus on how damaging the alleged “mental abuse and grooming” was to her. She added, “This is the last thing I’m going to say on this topic. I spoke my truth about the things I’ve endured 2020-2021 and I’m ready to wash my hands of this man.”

In conclusion, the woman says she doesn’t want anything out of Kota The Friend — just accountability.

“I met him when he was 21 and I was 16,” she adds. “Accountability to me looks like him stopping his abusive behavior and getting professional help. I have no desire for money, clout, resources. I simply want this man to get help. He’s not ok.”

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As she stated, Kota The Friend appears on the surface as a rapper who has his priorities straight. On the To Kill A Sunrise album, Kota made it clear he was in the middle of an important part of his evolution as not just an artist but also a man. For example, “Day Glow” found him rapping about appreciating the simplicity of life, his role as a father and being a loyal partner with lines such as, “I’m never racin’ shit, I’m savin’ my stimmy/I got a lot to lose but I don’t got a lot to prove.”

Hailing from Brooklyn, Kota The Friend dropped his debut mixtape Palm Tree Liquor in 2016 and followed up with 2017’s Paloma Beach. But he arguably found the most success with his fourth studio album Everything, which featured appearances from Joey Bada$$, Bas, and KYLE, among others. The album went on to peak at No. 162 on the Billboard 200.

HipHopDX reached out to a source close to Kota The Friend who declined to comment past denying the allegations.