After the success of Gnarls Barkley’s first go-‘round St. Elsewhere, the duo is nearly complete with their second offering. Although a title and a release date have yet to surface, one song has been confirmed. The cut is a psychedelic soul tune first played for Billboard last summer and marked by the Cee-Lo lyric, “Who’s gonna save my soul now?

Music is a natural mystic,Cee-Lo said to Billboard. “This is not something that we contrived. It’s truly something that we just can’t explain, you know what I mean? So, why try to explain it at all? It just is.

Meanwhile, producer, Danger Mouse, has his hands tied up with numerous projects. In addition to producing the new Black Keys album, Attack & Release, he contributed songwriting and production to Martina Topley-Bird’s The Blue God.

The release will be another joint venture between Downtown Records and Atlantic Records.

Check out DX‘s Audio Section to listen to the first available song, tentatively titled “Run” [click to listen!]