After nearly a decade of touring and extensive single and album releases, Los Angeles-by-way-of Colorado outfit The Procussions has reportedly broken up. Members Mr. J.Medeiros, Stro and Rez announced by way of a Myspace post and OkayPlayer forum announcement that the trio had disbanded to pursue a solo career.

After a string twelve-inch singles throughout the top of the decade, the group most notably was one of the first artists to reappear with Rawkus Records in 2006 with their release of 5 Sparrows For Two Cents, which included an appearance from Talib Kweli.

Mr. J.Medeiros wrote, “At the risk of sounding arrogant, i do believe The Procussions were
under- appreciated by our peers and the general Hip Hop public, in the
very broad sense.
” With solo albums in tow, following last year’s Of Gods and Girls [click here for review], this is not the last music to be made from the gang, though likely so as a unit.