As was reported here at first yesterday, Rock of Heltah Skeltah was arrested [click here to read]. Late yesterday, Rock’s attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, spoke exclusively with HipHopDX to clarify the nature of the charges being levied against Rock [real name Jamal Bush].

“Allegedly he’s charged with shooting someone with a gun and causing paralysis,” explains Mr. Montgomery. “The person that he’s alleged to have shot is an admitted, known pimp, as well as a blood gang member. [Rock] allegedly shot this person over a dispute between girls, who the girls belonged to. Rock is also accused of being a pimp himself.”

While only accusations have been made about Rock’s activities and he has not been formally charged or indicted for Enterprise Corruption [a.k.a. pimpin’], he is currently being held on $125,000 bail for very serious allegations being made about his alleged actions on December 20, 2007 at 2:44 A.M. on Church Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Rock was arraigned at 12:30 P.M. yesterday on charges of assault in the first, second and third degree, and attempted murder in the second degree. “Attempted murder and assault in the first are basically the same charge,” his lawyer explains. “They’re the highest counts. They’re B [class] felonies, in which he faces 5 to 25 [years in prison] for each [count]. Mr. Bush categorically and unequivocally denies all charges. We will vigorously defend [against] these false charges.”

Rock’s next court date will be held tomorrow [January 18th], at which time formal charges should be filed against him. “Under New York law he has to be formally charged or indicted within the next five days or he’s released, pending subsequent indictment for the next six months,” says Mr. Montgomery. “So in other words, since he’s in jail and they got him on a $125,000 bail they have to indict him. If they don’t indict him he will be released.”

Although Rock could possibly be released from custody as early as tomorrow, he will likely still stand trial for these charges. “Obviously the complainant has a credibility issue,” begins Mr. Montgomery, “but it’s gonna be a case that’s probably gonna have to be tried based on the seriousness of the injuries.”