Lil Kim has been engaged in a small war of words with Remy Ma lately. But some wonder where this beef began. The Queen Bee was on Sirius with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss the origins of this beef and made sure to let it be known that she is still the woman who runs the rap game.

“Everybody that knows me knows that I don’t just come at nobody for no reason,” Kim began with a disclaimer of sorts and added that she shows love to women who step into this business. “It all started when I got the 5 mics (in The Source magazine), she all on the radio talking reckless ‘fuck that son, my shit hotter than hers.’ Come on ma! This is what I do. Biggie crowned me Queen Bee and you can’t take that from me.”

But it wasn’t just the one incident that incited Kim. “When I got locked up she was talking reckless again on the radio but when I got home she at my party,” she continued. “I brushed that off and let a lot of shit slide but enough is enough. That’s where it is. I ain’t even gonna dedicate anymore time to that.”

The interview found Kim making a mockery of her so-called competition

“That can’t even be competition because I’m a female, that’s a man.”

She went on to mention that men she’s around would rather have sexual relations with a transvestite over Remy.

“Everything she do got too much testosterone,” she jabbed.

In the meanwhile, Kim will have a role in the upcoming Sex in the City movie and is still working on her new album which is scheduled for a Spring release.