Veteran Hip Hop journalism editor and writer Elliott Wilson was fired from XXL magazine today, after being the face and literary voice of the publication for over a decade.

The founder of Ego Trip magazine in the early ’90s, Wilson would later become an editor at The Source magazine in the mid-to-late ’90s. After the second walk-out of The Source, Wilson moved to Harris PublicationsXXL. In less than a decade, the magazine would go on to outsell “The Bible of Hip Hop,” and pointedly mock the former’s struggles throughout the last five years.

Through his editor’s letters, blogs and interviews, Wilson was a maverick in criticizing competition, rappers and writers for their views and opinions. This candor led to several run-ins with opposing parties, but throughout his XXL chapter, Elliott Wilson was firm in his ways.

Wilson, who will likely keep his Ego Trip brand alive through Vh1‘s shows on race and rap competition. As a writer, he had also been reportedly working on an authorized biography with Jay-Z, due to hit bookshelves in the coming year.

XXL nor Harris Publications has yet to confirm these details, but undisclosed sources had stated that Wilson‘s longtime deputy editor Vanessa Satten would serve as his interim replacement.