Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young filed for divorce last June, citing “irreconcilable differences.” For the past 10 months, the fight over the Beats By Dre mogul’s $1 billion fortune has grown increasingly uglier.

The main point of contention is reportedly a prenuptial agreement Young willingly signed in 1996, not long after the couple tied the knot. But she insists it’s not valid because her doting husband at the time allegedly ripped it up as some kind of romantic gesture. Following allegations of abuse, infidelity and manipulation, Dre is fed up as their acrimonious split turns into whatTMZis calling “one of the most contentious” in Hollywood.

According to the outlet, Dr. Dre filed court documents this week denying Young’s “appalling” abuse claims and confessing they’re making his life even more stressful. He also says the allegations are simply part of her strategy to get more money out of him. He points out Young didn’t bring abuse into the picture until after she filed for divorce and learned the prenup would prevent her from collecting 50 percent of his fortune.

Dre insists the domestic abuse allegations are categorically false — both before and after they were married.

Dr. Dre Reportedly Begs Judge To Declare Him 'Single' As $1B Divorce Inches Toward One-Year Mark

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young walked down the aisle in 1996 but called it quits after 24 years of marriage. The lauded producer is reportedly anxious to put this long chapter behind him. Last month, Dre’s attorney Laura Wasser filed legal documents asking for a bifurcation of his divorce, which is legal jargon for both parties quickly being declared legally single. This would allow the couple to divide their assets at a later date.

The Compton native says Young’s “false allegations of domestic violence” made it clear there’s no rectifying their relationship and he believes she’s “dragging her feet on purpose.”