Benzino is often at the center of controversy, but this time he’s beefing with his own daughter Coi Leray. On Monday (March 1), the singer fired off a series of tweets condemning her father for comments he made about her latest song “No More Parties” in which she sings, “My daddy let me down, but I promise you I won’t let up/I wanna say fuck that man, but that shit won’t make me better.”

The former co-publisher of The Source penned an Instagram post just hours earlier that read in part, “I been posting and supporting, so idk where all this bs is coming from. That line in her song is [cap] my name and rep is very important to me and nobody is gonna tarnish that for story line u dig? I still love u very much coileray but this gotta stop.”


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Evidently, Benzino’s comments enraged Leray and she went on a Twitter tirade, admitting how ashamed she is to be his daughter.

“And this is why I NEVER WANTED ANYBODY TO KNOW!!!” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I’M EMBARRASSED TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER. I should have been a boy your right cause I would have knocked you the fuck out already. NUMB TO THE PAIN!! I’m hurting right now but it’s all good. Ima be the one to PUT US RIGHT BACK IN THAT MANSION.”

In Leray’s previous tweets, she called Benzino a “fucking liar” and claimed they once “lost everything” so now she appears to feel like it’s on her to rebuild their finances.

Leray was thrown into the middle of the ongoing beef between Benzino and Royce Da 5’9 in January, with Nickle Nine insinuating she had daddy issues. He threatened to take her to a park and “let her ride the swings” if her dad doesn’t stop letting his Twitter finger run loose.

“She pussy popping on a handstand on IG,” he wrote at the time. “Now go hug her and tell her she’s beautiful before Drake or Trey Songz does.”

Coi Leray Vents About Benzino Letting Her Down Following Royce Da 5’9’s Parenting Diss

Leray seemed to address Royce’s comments in her recent tweet-and-delete, writing, “Reasons why I think I need a n-gga to love me now because your BITCH ASS NEVER DID.” After taking a few moments to calm down, Leray issued a few more tweets apologizing for losing her cool.

“Forgive me for stepping out of character,” she wrote. “I thought I prepared myself for this moment but I’m still not ready. I’m still angry. Don’t hold grudges. Let miserable people be miserable and just love from a distance. That was a test and I feel like I failed by responding. Not everything needs a response. It’s cool, I’m learning. Always room for growth.”