The Royce Da 5’9 and Benzino beef is still bubbling nearly a week after it initially started — and it’s possible it could soon erupt far away from the safety of social media. After Nickle Nine dragged Benzino’s daughter Coi Leray into the fray, the ex-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta personality has issued a stern warning to Eminem’s Bad Meets Evil collaborator.

On Sunday (January 3), Benzino shared an Instagram photo of Royce with his mother and insinuated he was thinking about berating her but decided against it. He also accused the Motor City MC of being a pedophile for making comments about his 23-year-old daughter.

“So someone sent me this pic of @royceda59 and his mother for me to disrespect her for what he said about my beautiful 23 year old daughter Coi, but I’m not and I won’t,” he wrote. “Nah his mother is a beautiful queen who had nothing to do with our situation.

“I don’t know why Royce thought it was ok to say he would take my daughter to a park and insinuate he would have sex with her. You sounded like a pedophile. All this because I did an interview where @queensflip asked me about @eminem and I gave my opinions and my facts. I didn’t mention nor did I say any bad about Royce.”

Par for the course, Benzino then suggested he would physically harm Royce the next time he saw him saying, “Just know @royceda59 you will have to answer for what you said about my daughter, no question about it, you will regret what you said I promise you and I don’t care about you bots, fake pages, keyboard gangstas and racist kkkrakkas flooding my page, none of weirdos wouldn’t dare approach me in real life so comment on.”

Finally, the former co-publisher of The Source magazine reiterated his belief Royce is nothing more than Eminem’s slave and basically implied the Grammy Award-nominated artist is a hypocrite.

Royce Da 5'9 & Benzino's Beef Intensifies After 'Mr. 5 Mics In The Source' Threatens To Assault Joyner Lucas

“It’s just a shame because while Royce is trying to appease ems white fan base he losing sight that they love for black men to try and kill one another while Em just sits back and watches his so called friend do his dirty work,” he concluded. “‘Get em Royce’ that’s what’s hyping him up, I watch this guy go at everyone who goes at Em like he’s a goon, it wasn’t long ago when Royce was dissing Em and trying to be Malcom x and pro black.

“It’s easy to see that Royce had a complex problem and trying really hard to please his buddy. Well you fucked up Royce because what you said about my young daughter was perverted and predatory, aren’t you married? Don’t you have daughters? You made big mistake and soon you will understand that.”

Benzino has already threatened to assault Joyner Lucas after the ADHD rapper claimed he DM’ed him demanding a Verzuz battle.

“@joynerlucas I will fuck u up u keep speaking my name,” he wrote. “You got on warning Pussy. @joynerlucas you ain’t never step foot in Roxbury u bitch ass n-gga. U from Worcester mass you punk mf, u never was bout that life. Don’t let them pussies get u hurt. Yea I went in your dms because your musics trash like @royceda59 U got me fucked up I’ll have u touched fuckboi.”