Benzino once helmed Hip Hop’s former Bible The Source before turning into a reality television star on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Needless to say, he still has his opinions on the culture he’s invested so much time in during the course of his career. But when it comes to Eminem and his fanbase, he evidently has nothing nice to say.

On Sunday (November 1), Benzino unleashed his vitriolic opinions on Slim Shady and his Stans, tweeting, “Face it stans y’all will always be hip hop goofiest most out of touch fan base straight bozos.”

He later added, “all Stans are ugly awkward pussies that aren’t accepted in the real black culture because of how goofy and out of touch they are in the streets. Kkkkrakkkrrrs have nobody else to talk about, they wanna feel like they are part of something. they look stupid asf.”

Although Benzino quickly deleted the majority of the tweets, it was too late. Screenshots posted to Reddit reveal he also spewed his hate directly at Eminem.

“All they do is worship a corny tailed park trash kkkrakkker who puts words together and knows nothing about our culture,” he wrote. “He rhymes masturbator with elevator and all the corny white people go crazy, they goofy ass. He dresses in drag, let’s men out their bare asses in his face.”

Once Eminem’s self-professed Stans ran to his defense, Benzino began hitting the delete button. After getting into it with the 55-year-old, noted Em fan NoLifeShaq proudly declared victory on his YouTube show, saying, “We trolled this man so much, he started deleting Tweets.”

But on Monday (November 2), Benzino started up again and further ripped into those defending Shady.

“How many of you bitch ass Stans are voting for Trump?” he tweeted. “I love it Stans, yall and Shaq the coon keep me popping on Twitter…great job pussies…I live rent free in all you hillbilly, redneck Stans head!! I’m the n-gga u luv to hate.”

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Benzino ended his tirade by posting Eminem’s controversial track “Foolish Pride,” a song Shady apologized for on the 2004 Encore cut “Yellow Brick Road.”

Check out Benzino’s tweets below (before he deletes them).