Megan Thee Stallion was a trending Twitter topic on Monday night (February 15) — which just happened to be the Hot Girl rapper’s 26th birthday — after her purported boyfriend Pardi Fontaine sounded like he got aggressive with her.

In an Instagram Live clip making the rounds, a man holds the camera as the Cardi B ghostwriter allegedly pounds on Megan’s bathroom door and says, “Yo! What the fuck y’all doing? Nah … no, bullshit. Now no bullshit. Don’t make me come through the door. No bullshit. I don’t give a fuck what y’all talking about. Tell Megan to come to the door. You have five seconds before I come through this shit. Open the door!”

From there, he barges into the room and several women start yelling at him as he shouts “everybody out!”

The video prompted concern from many of Megan’s fans who tweeted things such as, “I hope Megan is okay, because wtf was Pardi on” and “I really hope Megan is ok. I don’t know what Pardi was doing in that video, but from the way she sounded, it did not sit right with me AT ALL.”

But as the clip continued circulating, some people started placing the blame on Megan while others defended Pardi and pointed out nobody knows what happened prior to the bathroom break-in. As one Twitter user wrote, “I don’t believe Pardi would try to hurt Megan he probably thought something was wrong with her or something. We don’t know what led up to that.”

Megan Thee Stallion Rings In 26 By Deeming Herself The 'Hardest In Houston' With 'Southside Forever Freestyle'

Megan celebrated her birthday by dropping the Houston-themed “Southside Forever Freestyle” and was seemingly enjoying another revolution around the sun. But overwhelmingly, Megan’s fans were worried about her well-being and voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Check out some of the reactions below.