Make room on your book shelves. Move over your old copies of Soul on Ice and Invisible Man, and make room for some knowledge, brought to you by MistaChuck himself.

Chuck D, Public Enemy’s frontman, announced in his column at, that he would be getting into the book publishing industry this coming year. He wrties:

“I will be starting a book imprint in 2002 called OFFTA BOOKS and UNDER THE RADAR publishing, looking to do 6-8 small prints a year, as I’m surrounded by a sea of Hipped Hopped writers like HARRY ALLEN, DAVEY D, PROFESSOR GRIFF, YUSEF JAH… yours truly. It is time… there’s already a revolution in the word, whether it’s street ciphers, prison, poets, web, so the void in hitting that mindset should be filled like independent record companies did for them in the late 80s and early 90s…”