With Don Imus’ return to radio on December 3rd,
after almost eight months since the original suspension and later dismissal have
passed, hip hop artist Chamillionaire;
along with Wendy Williams, Lola Ogunnaike (CNN Entertainment
Correspondent), Larry Elder (of the Larry Elder Show), Al Sharpton, Martin Garbus
(Don Imus’ attorney) and more made an
appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live to discuss their thoughts.

While Joy Behar
(of The View) sat in as the guest
host the topic of Imusnew on air team
of two African-American comedians
, Karith
and Tony Powell, was
brought up. Lola Ogunnaike (CNN
Entertainment Correspondent) suggests that they are mere “tokens” and that it
makes Imus look guiltier.

“I have my two black
friends here; so just in case I say something that that maybe offensive to this
community I have these two people that I have hired on my staff that can
co-sign what I’m saying. So as long as they chuckle … it’s fine with the black
Lola says of her
thoughts on Imus’ motives.

later appeared via satellite from Houston and stated that he felt Imus hasn’t undergone enough “punishment”
to warrant a return to radio.

“I think that everybody
agrees that Don Imus should not be shot execution style for what he did,”
Chamillionaire said. “You can say you’re sorry but there still
has to be some kind of punishment … I’ve yet to see the real punishment. He
wouldn’t have been fired if there was nothing wrong. The Rutger’s girls still
have to deal with what he said. It’s changed their lives. It’s changed our
lives as a rapper,”
continued before stating he didn’t mind him being back on the radio but feels
there wasn’t a “real punishment.” 

then brought up the fact that Imus
was paid during his time off the air and that his status as a “celebrity” has
grown; aiding his career as opposed to hurting it.

“Every time I do an
interview I’m forced to talk about Don Imus. To where before I wouldn’t have
known who he was … If there was something I can say right now on CNN; get
banned from my recording contact, come back and be larger than life; then tell
me what it is and I’ll say it right now,”
Chamillionaire propsed. “We’re
promoting Don Imus right now by being here.”

In related Chamillionaire
news, the rapper will be releasing his highly anticipated Mixtape Messiah 4 mixtape on December 18th.