Despite the turbulence 2020 brought, Foogiano was one of the year’s winners in Hip Hop. The Georgia native capped off his ascension with Gutta Baby in November 2020 after signing to Gucci Mane’s reprised 1017 Records earlier in the year. Foogiano narrates his come up and lets fans into his upbringing with the release of episode 2’s Gutta Baby: The Documentary on Tuesday (February 2).

The 10-minute clip introduces newer Foogi fans to his roots and the crew that surrounds him on a day-to-day basis. Another scene finds the 26-year-old falling in love with the sporty Corvette ZO6 after getting behind the wheel of one, which he had to purchase.

He then takes viewers into his family life when his aunt throws a party. While lighting up a joint with a mouth full of grills, Foogiano looks into his past and reflects on how going to jail really changed his life for the better once he got out.

“If I was still in prison, I’d be dead,” he says. “On god. I got out of prison on my birthday three years ago. I been out of prison three years today. I ain’t even think about it until just then. God damn!”

Speaking on why the Gucci partnership was a perfect fit, Foogiano explains, “Man, I know every Wop song ever. For real, I got partners named Wop, Glock — for real, we thought we were 1017 Bricksquad.”

Foogiano's Slick Wordplay & Infectious Energy Makes Him A HipHopDX Rising Star 2021!

The “MOLLY” rapper was named one of HipHopDX’s Rising Stars 2021 earlier this week, as he’s in pole position to be one of the front lines of Georgia’s next wave of emerging rappers.

Watch the episode below.