With Nas new LP, Nigger, being pushed back to February,
Black History Month the rapper gives more details on the album.

“Just to get the shit
all the way right. I was still working and it was a few weeks away from a
release date. It was impossible, the timing was off,”
Nas told MTV off the release date change. “I’m always coming out in December so I guess I was used to it, but I had
to force myself out of that. I couldn’t force the album out if it wasn’t done.”

Nas also reveals
an interesting track title…

“I have a song called
the ‘Fear.’ The full title of the record is ‘The Fear of the Black Man’s Dick.’
That’s some shit you can get comedy [from], or you can get some seriousness
from it when you talk about the barbaric castrations that happened in our past …
which is very serious, nothing to laugh at,”
Nas explains.

With the album’s title causing controversy left and right, Nas promises that the album is “balanced”
and that he isn’t taking a shot at white people (or any other one race).

“It’s not an attack on
white people at all. Its knowledge; its understanding for all people. It’s not
an attack on any race,”
stated. “It’s about the attacks that have
happened to blacks, whites, all ethnicities. ‘Mick’ niggers, ‘guinea’ niggers, ‘kike’
niggers. I have a song called ‘You a Nigger Too.’”

So far DJ Toomp
and Salaam Remi have production spots
on the album, and Nas says that Jermaine
Dupri and Diddy will be helping as well.

“It’s in the
developmental stages. The possibilities could go anywhere. I’m writing a lot of
shit down, and it just sounds crazy. The direction is totally right. Sometimes
when you sit down and write, you don’t know how it will go. But this is totally
Nas says of the
potential that is there with Diddy
and his team adding to the project.

Nas’ upcoming LP,
Nigger, will hit shelves this
February 2008. HipHopDX will be
dropping the single around the beginning of the year.