Method Man and Redman made a decent showing at the box office with their first collaboration as actors. The R-rated, low-budget “How High” beat expectations in a weekend filled with high-profile releases and took in $7.6 million, an average of $6,003 at 1,266 theaters.

By comparison, Jim Carrey’s PG-rated “The Majestic” premiered in 2,361 theaters and took home only $5 million, an average of $2,128.

Meth and Red, who have collaborated on numerous musical projects — including the soundtrack for this film — since pairing up in 1995 for “How High,” a single off “The Show” soundtrack, had a tough opponent this weekend — the highly anticipated “Lord of the Rings,” which opened on 3,359 screens and earned $45.2 million over the three-day period.