Drunk driving can ruin lives. After apparently making the mistake of getting in trouble with the law for driving under the influence of alcohol, Duke Deuce is looking to inspire others to not follow his path.

The Memphis rapper posted a video on Thursday (January 14) showing the everyday process of passing a breathalyzer test in his own to car just to start it.

“Ay, don’t drink and drive, man,” he said before blowing into the breathalyzer. “Real talk. Don’t be like me, man. This shit is stupid. You know what I’m saying? N-ggas ain’t got that type of time, bro.”

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In California, the legal system can punish drunk drivers with the installation of an IIC in their vehicles for up to three years. It’s thought to be “standard procedure” for first-time offenders who are arrested with a blood alcohol count above 0.15 percent.



The “Crunk Ain’t Dead” will need to keep out of trouble as he recently inked another label deal on top of his Quality Control contract with Motown Records/Capitol Music Group, according to Commercial Appeal.

“QC is still an independent label, but most of their bigger artists, like City Girls and Lil Baby get upstreamed to Capitol/Motown,” said Deuce’s manager Steven Snipes. “Duke just got his deal done a couple weeks ago. It’s a significant deal, came with a nice check. And now we have the same resources and infrastructure as anybody else at the top of the game. Lil Baby had a No. 1 album last year. We expect Duke Deuce to do the same type of numbers.”

As far as the music, Deuce laid low following the release of his 2020 Memphis Massacre 2. He’ll reportedly kick things into gear later this month when he releases his “Soldier Stepping” single on January 22. The 28-year-old’s also expected to drop a project during 2021’s second quarter.



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Snipes continued, “We’re sticking with the formula that got him here. Motown and QC know Duke has his own music, and he knows what his fans want to hear. They’ve just empowered us to continue doing that on a much higher level.”