Cardi B is being forced to defend her husband Offset after infamous internet troll Celina Powell resurfaced with old cheating allegations — this time on TikTok.  On Monday (January 11), Powell shared a TikTok video called “all the celebs that made me get an ab*rtion” that quickly went viral.

Photos of men she supposedly slept with flash behind Powell, including the Migos rapper, Eminem and Gucci Mane, among others.

The following day, she shared another TikTok video that read across the front of it, “When Offset paid me $50K to abort it.” The clip came with a screenshot of what looks like a cease-and-desist letter, although it’s not unlikely the document is fabricated.

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When someone tried to chide Cardi for taking Offset back on Twitter shortly after the videos went viral, the Grammy Award-winning rapper replied, “You must be new on social media … here let me take you way back.”

She included a 2018 article with the headline, “Celina Powell Admits To Lying About Being Pregnant With Offset’s Child.”

In May 2018, Powell made an appearance on Akademiks’ Twitch stream and confessed she faked a paternity test to pretend Offset was the father of her (imaginary) child.

“Once again, there’s no baby,” she said. “Get over it! Suck my dick! Y’all investigated this shit for nine months. I didn’t give a fuck. I was laughing at you bitches. I didn’t give a fuck.” She then offered a half-ass apology to Cardi, who was actually pregnant with baby Kulture at the time.

Celina Powell Admits She Faked Offset Paternity Test & Apologizes To Cardi B

“I sincerely apologize if I made you for one second think that Offset was the father of my pretend baby,” she said. Upon seeing Powell’s initial claims, Cardi got a good chuckle, tweeting, “Lmaaaaaaoooooooooo Wow people are really crazy.”

Powell has attempted to reel several rappers into her internet web, including Drake. Earlier this week, alleged text messages between the two were leaked online. The thread begins with Powell announcing herself and Drake supposedly replying, “Def never gave u my number. I know who u are. I want nooooooo parts.”

Check it out below.

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