While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment (again), Cardi B doesn’t see the point. In a tweet Thursday (January 7), the politically passionate “WAP” rapper explained she wants more action as he heads into his final weeks at the White House.

“I don’t wanna hear this ‘we impeaching trump’ shit,” she wrote. “He only got a few days left at the office anyways. By the time he gets impeached he’ll be at his penthouse in NY already.How bout y’all put him in JAIL !!!!!!”

Cardi may get her way as far as the impeachment goes at least, as Pelosi revealed that as of Thursday night, there was no response from Vice President Mike Pence on invoking the 25th Amendment – which is what it would take to send Trump packing.

“This morning, we placed a call to Vice President Pence to urge him to invoke the 25th Amendment which would allow the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet to remove the President for his incitement of insurrection and the danger he still poses. We have not yet heard back from the Vice President,” Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement.

Cardi B, 50 Cent, Wale & More Rappers React To Trump Supporters Storming The Capitol Building

Bardi isn’t the only celebrity speaking out following Wednesday’s events at the U.S. Capitol building. 50 Cent was quick to call out the difference in the treatment of protestors by police, while Yachty noted that if Black people had done what Trump supporters did yesterday storming the building, they’d be dead. Wale, Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs and more added their commentary as well.

The Breakfast Club also offered their thoughts on the matter in a 15-minute debate with their listeners on Thursday morning. Check out the conversation below.