Thousands of Trump supporters showed up in Washington D.C. to protest the election results before congress certified the Electoral College to make Joe Biden the next President of the United States later this month. Rioters stormed the nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon (January 6) making for an unprecedented scene in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic worsening across the country.

The mob caused chaos by breaking down barricades and storming the Capitol to deface the government building. According to CNN, one woman was shot on the Capitol property and is currently in critical condition while multiple law enforcement officers were also injured. Government officials were all safely escorted to an unknown location.

As the internet bubbled with videos from the mayhem and the events playing out on live television, Hip Hop reacted to what was happening before their eyes on social media.

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“Where the National guards,” Cardi B asked on Twitter. “The irony is pretty funny………weren’t people just wild animals in the summer for demanding justice and now? And y’all better NOT BE OUTSIDE!! These are wild thugs out here! Stay home. This ain’t our business. Stay at home safe but dangerous!”

50 Cent is never one to hold his tongue, but let the photo from his Instagram post do most of the talking for him.

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Wale also chimed in emphasizing how white privilege was at work here and this was just another “field trip for [an] American terrorist.”

While the story continues to develop from the Capitol, check out more reactions from the Hip Hop world below.

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