Saigon recently wrote a blog on his Myspace (that’s been
taken down) discussing a few topics that have been circulating about him. Sai
addresses his Lip Service interview on Shade45 [click here for the full recap] in
which he was saying he’d slap Nelly, he won’t allow Prodigy out of his jail
cell and even threatens to punch one of the female guests!

“I was soooo drunk when I did this
interview I didnt even remember doing it, this interview was done at 8 PM and I
was 4 A.M drunk.. I have a very LOW tolerance for white liquor. Well there is a
part where I said I would slap Nelly because he doesn’t make positive songs…I
actually like Nelly as a person and as an artist …I would never attempt to
cause harm to a person who didnt try to harm me first in some sort of way,
especially a person I respect and I respect Nelly…That was solely the
Tanqueray speaking…I definitely would like to apologize to that man, Keep up
the good work bruh, even though I would like to hear him and alot of these other
MEGA superstars use their influence more to help our black kids, I wish him the
best…Moving right along..In this same interview I supposedly told Melissa
Ford I would punch her in the face, hahaha, after review I found it was NOT
Melissa Ford, but a writer who had already interviewed me about the Mobb Deep
incident and agreed with me about the stance I took, but gets the chance to
interview me on the radio and changes her whole story to try to play me to make
people laugh…I would NEVER hit a girl…”
says Saigon via blog.

Next Saigon addresses New Jersey
emcee, Joe Budden. Apparently Sai felt disrespected by a line that Joey spit during an appearance on BET
this week [“As soon as the wife’s gone,
they jump on the python/ but she don’t know that I’m about to hit and run
like I’m Saigon”

“It has been bought to my attention that
Joe Budden used my name in a disrespectful way in one of his punchlines on
B.E.T., I understand he’s not getting the attention he feels he deserves but to
try to use me to get it is a BAD MOVE on his part..I guess he’s trying to bait
me into a rap battle like he’s known for doing..I have never had a lyrical rap
beef because its not my thing. I beef a little differently. I know I just said
I woudnt harm a person who didnt try to harm me but I feel he’s trying to harm
my credibilty soooo..If I let him get away with that, EVERYONE will be dissing
me in there freestyles, so again, Im gonna say sorry to Nelly and tell Joe
Budden that when I see him, Im going to slap EARTH, WIND and FIRE out of HIM
instead. REAL TALK..I will make an example out of him, watch.. I want him to
know we have a problem, because when I see him he’s all smiles and pounds, is
he that desperate for attention?Why me? Im not even hot like that yet. Maybe
he’s mad I have a song with the same guy who dropped him, or that Ransom
exposed his sexuality….I use to live in Chilltown Jersey city, I dont know if
he’s gay but I know he WAS a RnB singer…And personally, I will let him be my
first lyrical victim if that’s what he wants, but only after I beat him up. Soo
he can go making his songs and get his internet soldiers behind him, but until
I get him, Im quiet.. realistically speaking, he’s only okay at best…and him
without a Just Blaze beat is like Popeye without spinach…”
Sai says.

As said above, the blog has been taken down, lucky for our DX readers we have
the full thing. [click to download]

Now Hot97’s Pete Rosenberg had Joe
on air and they discussed the shots Saigon was sending him through the blog.

“See the problem with
that is, the only person I fear in this world is God. It’s only one problem
with rappers making those comments, I actually can fight,”
Joe says. “I used to box. I don’t get on the records and start talking Tough Tony,
but if it ever went there I don’t have a problem with it at all.”

“The sad part about it
is I’m trying to make records and do the things I gotta do. The people that are
coming at me, and I’m not really referencing Saigon, but the people that are
coming at me online, mixtapes and so forth and so on. It’s a waste of time. We’re
not really in the same weight class lyrically, so I mean what really woud be
the point of it but to get embarrassed. And even is Saigon wants to take it
there, I’d rap circles around him too, so what are we doing here. You’re
wasting your time.”

Now it’s not all hate, rather love…

“…I have the utmost
respect for Saigon; for Just Blaze. But for everything that they’re doing over
there? BLAT! If you wanna get a camera. I’m gonna actually reach out to him and
see if he wanna do that. If you wanna get a camera and go somewhere, and wanna tape
it. We can do that. If you wanna send some shots back and forth on wax, we can
do that.”

After Pete offers
to mediate any battles, Joe
responds, “The ball is really in his
court. Whichever way he wants it to go I’m totally fine with it. If he was so offended
by the line, you know … when I see him, I’ll apologize about it. I didn’t mean
to offend him. BUT, that would be beef with rappers. If you have a problem with
me, reach out to me. The hip hop world is very small. We see each other, we’re
at the same event. Once you take it outside and start going public; start
writing blogs, start doing interviews, start writing records. Now I feel you
crossed the line.”

As things heat up; or cool down (whichever the case may be).
HipHopDX will keep you up to date!