Over the course of his decorated career, Snoop Dogg has become synonymous with smoking weed. It’s gotten to the point that Snoop’s earned the right to blaze up wherever he pleases and it’s deemed socially acceptable for the most part as Snoop being Snoop.

The Dogg joined CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast to play a speed round of Have You Gotten High At with co-hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. Basically, Cohen quizzes Snoop about all the places he’s smoked at during his life and it feels like the better question would’ve been to ask him where hasn’t he gotten high at.

The West Coast legend obliges to having smoked in the past at exclusive locations such as the White House, the Oscars, during an NFL game, Martha Stewart’s house, a random bar mitzvah and outside the CNN building in Los Angeles.

The only place Snoop answered with a no to was the DMV, but who wants to be there anyway? Cohen took point with running the game while Cooper couldn’t contain his laughter in the background. In what was a rough year for a lot of people, the playful few minutes brought a lighthearted relief for viewers of CNN’s NYE coverage.

Snoop Dogg Wins Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. Fight With Nate Robinson Knockout Commentary

Snoop is cool and comfortable in just about any social situation these days, as no industry is too daunting for the Death Row icon to tackle. In November, Snoop stole the show as the star announcer for Mike Tyson’s return to the boxing ring. He earned high praise across social media and capitalized on the situation by launching his own pro boxing league.