Snoop Dogg is all about making that money. Anyone familiar with the D-O-Double-G has probably spotted him in numerous commercials — touting everything from Tostitos to General Insurance. Now, he’s looking to sink his teeth into the boxing world.

Following Snoop’s show-stopping commentary during the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight on Saturday (November 28), TMZ Sportsreports the self-made multimillionaire is launching his own professional boxing league alongside Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh.

Dubbed “The Fight Club,” the league is already working on its first big event and plans to have Snoop provide his colorful fight commentary, help book the fights and gather the musical acts.

“This was the first event of a league that we have called ‘The Fight Club,'” Kavanaugh said during a video interview. “It’s a league owned by Proxima, which is the parent company to Triller, and Snoop, and this was the first of many, many events. This is gonna be big. The whole idea is we want to change up the way that boxing is done.



“I can tell you that the main fight — I can’t say it yet — but it’s gonna be something that everybody wants to see. If you thought [Tyson vs. Jones Jr.] is big, I think that this would be even larger from a worldwide-appetite perspective and something that people want to see.”

Kavanaugh added the undercards will also be stacked with celebrities of all kinds.

Snoop is likely reeling in a hefty salary for his latest endeavor. Earlier this week, he revealed he’d want $15 million for a three-year contract to be a professional boxing commentator.