In the midst of controversy surrounding an internet rumor, Soulja Boy—the teenaged chart topping rapper who struck gold with the infectious single “Crank Dat”—recently spoke with to clarify the meaning of the dance that took him from obscurity to stardom.

“Superman is just a dance,” he says in response to the speculation. “I heard about the e-mails going around and…basically, they trying to just stop my shine.”

Several weeks ago, the Internet was goin nuts (© Paul Wall) over an alleged hidden meaning behind “Crank Dat” and it’s song lyrics. In the ring tone hit, Soulja Boy encourages people doing the dance to “Superman dat ho,” a line some believe has sexual connotations.

Urban Dictionary’s website defines the term as the following: “when you ejaculate on a girls back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape.”
Not only does the 17-year-old rapper deny the Internet definition, he says the haters are too late, as the dance is old news.

“‘Superman,’ ‘Crank That’ [is] old. You can tell whoever wrote that was intending to stop my shine. The way they wrote words…it was professionally typed. Ain’t nobody doing nothing like that. At the end of the day, they just came too late with the rumor.”

While the song is still remains in the top ten on the charts, Soulja Boy is busy promoting his second single, the I-15 featured “Soulja Girl”.

“We’re on to ‘Soulja Girl.’ We’re on to the second single. [Crank Dat] is slowly fading away. You tried, but it’s too late.”

Soulja Boy is also garnering praise from some of Hip Hop’s elite. In the latest issue of XXL magazine, Scarface lauds Mr. Collipark’s latest find for his success with younger audiences and his marketing savvy.

“I can’t say nothin’ bad about his music, ’cause the kids like it,” the Houston vet remarked.  “My daughter thinks he’s the best rapper in the world. My kids don’t like my shit, so that tells you something right there. Tell that dude to call me. He could do my MySpace page, ’cause I need one. I want that little dude to blow me up on MySpace like he blew up. I’m being real as fuck. He got that MySpace shit goin’ nuts.”