Los Angles, CA

Sauce Walka has taken a step toward cosmetic body modification by donning his latest blinged-out diamond accessory.

In a video the Texas-bred rapper posted on Instagram Friday (December 18), Sauce revealed what he calls his, “last tear,” is a quarter-million-dollar dermal piercing dipped in gold.

“I just put all my tears, in al my years and all my pain and fears, in my muthafucking eye for the last time — and I’ll never cry again,” Sauce exclaimed shirtless and flexing. “I just dropped a quarter-million-dollars in my muthafucking face! It’s over! The game is done! Put the PlayStation five on the ground, kick that muthafucka, it is over, over. I won by flawless victory fatality,” he continues.

According the caption on the video, his under-eye high-cheekbone stone is a, “$250,000 GIA National Diamond Grand 3.00 carat FLAWLESS/D-Color Drip tear shape Diamond in 18k rose gold.” Sauce is actually so hype behind the rock that he invited his preeminent haters to try to spot an imperfection, and, in return, he will pay a hefty finder’s fee.

“$250,000 nigga.. find a cloud or inclusion I give u $20,00 nigga!!! I’m THE #DRIPGOD NIGGA … IM THE #RICHEST #TSFBidnezzzzz #Splattttt @lambojewels,” he wrote in the caption of a close-up video of the stone.

The Johnny Dang-crafted 3D perma-tear is the latest splurge purchase in The Sauce Familia bidness head honcho’s ongoing jewelry wars — which has culminated in Sauce attacking another prominent custom jeweler, in addition to copping yet another $200,000 piece.

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“I AM UNFUCKWITABLE 225k baguette 14k rose gold flawless diamond #WalletChain WITH #spinning ice shurikens @plug_geo x @johnnydangandco for my FUCKING PANTS #DripGOD #SausukeUchiha 1 of 1,” Sauce wrote.

Days after the purchase of his new wallet accessory, he jumped back on the Gram to air out New York-based jeweler Elliot Eliantte for disrespecting his drip in his DM. Along with purveying claims his diamonds are fake, Sauce also relentlessly roasted Eliantte while claiming multiple rappers have disavowed the artisan for shotty work.

“I fuck with Takeoff, I fuck with Quavo, I fuck with the Migos — I got a relationship with them,” he prefaces his rant.

“Them like my brothers, we can fuck around like that. You!, You, ‘We getting arab money,’ I don’t know you,” he continues in jest. “You want to know why Uzi [Lil Uzi Vert] don’t fuck with you, you want to know why Lil Baby don’t fuck with you, all these rappers that done got jewelry made by you and didn’t buy it? Cuz your diamonds is fake.”

He was so fired-up, he circled-back for part two of his verbal assault, claiming he now had the support of prominent luxury jewelry makers Ben Baller and Jacob the Jewler.

Get a closer look at one of the most expensive tear-drops in history below.