Chicago, IL – Lil Durk and Pooh Shiesty hosted quite the event for a “Back To Blood” reunion in Chicago on Tuesday night (December 15), leading Durk to trend on Twitter.

According to several clips circulating on the social media platform, the mask-less soiree brought together dozens of people who were throwing caution to the wind amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic. At the center of the video, Durk and Pooh rapped ferociously alongside their crew with just two masks (pulled below their noses) visible in the clip.

As the riled up crowd continued to rap “Back To Blood” lyrics with the Chi-Town rap duo, Durk held out his red New York Yankees cap to show off the embroidery on the side. Upon closer inspection, it clearly read the name “V. Roy,” a nod to his late Only The Family signee and friend King Von. 

Although all parties involved weren’t being that mindful of the current coronavirus spike, it appeared to be a lot of fun for those who were in attendance and likely alleviated some of the pain Durk was feeling in the wake of Von’s murder.

Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta hookah bar on November 6 following an alleged fight with Quando Rondo’s crew. In the wake of Von’s death, Durk penned a short, heartfelt tribute to his fallen friend before disappearing from Instagram entirely.

“MY TWIN GONE,” he wrote at the time. “I LOVE YOU BABY BRO – D ROY.”

A day after Von’s murder, Atlanta police arrested 22-year-old Timothy Leeks who was one of the other victims injured in the melee.

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker said last month. “The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest.”

King Von Murder Suspect Reportedly Arrested & Charged

“Back In Blood” was included on Pooh’s album of the same name, which was released earlier this year. A video for the track featuring Durk was released on November 16 and has since racked up over 1.3 million YouTube views.

Watch it below.