The one and only Murs has returned with a new album called Love & Rockets Vol. 2: The Declaration. To coincide with the release, the Living Legend and former host of HipHopDX’s The Breakdown has also shared a video for “The D.O.C.,” one of 12 tracks on the DJ Fresh-produced project.

Directed by Justin Marmorstein, the visual begins with Murs playing himself in a game of chess — with one player dressed in blue Crip colors and the other donning red Blood gear. As the game begins, Murs raps, “Hey Blood, hey blood/Sinister mob, you wanna throw dirt on my name to finish the job/You wanna bury me because they scared of me/You best believe these muthafuckas ain’t prepared for me.”

While the ominous beat continues, two similarly dressed players (both Murs) play each other in a game of dominos while Fresh tears it up on an Akai MPD226.

Throughout the entire visual, Murs attempts to talk some sense into society, rapping, “If we don’t learn from our past, then what we’re headed for/Repetition ain’t a revolution/My people goin’ in circles, my nigga, what we doin’/We wanna milly rock and shuffle our feet.”

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In terms of the Love & Rockets Vol. 2 album, Murs believes he’s finally managed to piece together all the facets of his personality into one cohesive body of work.

“I am a pro-black, gang-banging, comic book reading, skateboarding, business owning, God loving, husband and father of three,” Murs tells HipHopDX. “After 20-plus years of putting out music, I feel like I’ve finally been able to put it all that together properly in one album. DJ.Fresh came with the right sound at the right time.”

Fresh adds, “We were on tour and the timing was right for us to make this happen. We’ve been talking about doing this for years and I hope people enjoy it. It’s a journey.”

Love & Rockets Vol. 2: The Declaration is currently available on all streaming platforms. Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

  1. Liftoff
  2. The D.O.C.
  3. GOATs
  4. Murs In Retrograde
  5. Regulator
  6. Heady Murphy
  7. Imma Vegan
  8. Unbothered
  9. St. Ides
  10. Real Ones
  11. Diana Doom
  12. Risk It All