It’s been over two years since XXXTENTACION was gunned down outside of RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida — and yet still no convictions for his murder.

While the four suspects allegedly involved in the killing — Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright (the alleged triggerman), Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome — remain behind bars, X’s family is eagerly awaiting some kind of closure.

X’s father, Dwayne Onfroy, also wants some stiff penalties for the men who killed his child, specifically Boatwright. On Saturday (December 5), Onfroy plainly stated he was seeking the death penalty for the 24-year-old who was formally charged with X’s murder on July 10, 2018.

“Y’all killed that young man that father that son that brother without a cause,” he wrote on one of his Instagram Stories. “I say that with no malice in my heart. I am seeking life without parole for the participants in the robbery and COLD BLOODED MURDER OF MY SON AND THE MAN WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER ‘I AM GOING TO SEEK THE DEATH PENALTY.”

Prior to X’s murder, the “Look At Me!” rapper had withdrawn a large sum of cash from a local Bank of America and headed over to RIVA Motorsports with plans to purchase a motorcycle. Little did he know, he was being followed by a dark-colored Dodge Journey with Williams, Allen, Boatwright and Newsome inside.

Once X pulled up to the store, Williams and Allen followed him inside and watched as he browsed the inventory. Thirty minutes later, X got in his BMW i8 and attempted to leave, but the SUV blocked him in while Newsome and Boatwright exited the vehicle and tried to rob X. After a brief struggle, X was shot multiple times in the neck. Although he was rushed to a local hospital, he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

How XXXTENTACION's BMW i8 Ultimately Led To His Murder


In the book LOOK AT ME! The XXXTENTACION Story by Jonathan Reiss, it’s clear the murder wasn’t as random as initially thought. According to Chapter 24, Williams happened to be in the same building where X was checking in with his probation officer one day. Williams, who was on probation for selling the synthetic drug “flakka,” took notice of X’s BMW i8 and put it away in his memory.

“Out in the parking lot, Williams noticed the i8 and recognized the man getting out of it as XXXTENTACION,” Reiss writes. “On January 18, Williams allegedly spotted X’s car again at a Bank of America branch near Riva Motorsports. Williams allegedly then called the other three perpetrators, who, according to investigators, were driving around looking for someone to rob.”

The rest is history. X died on June 18, 2018 and was later buried in a private ceremony where Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Denzel Curry and Erykah Badu were among the attendees. His final resting place is a grey mausoleum at the Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park, in Boca Raton, Florida.