Philadelphia, PA – Meek Mill has apparently upset a handful of local rappers in North Philadelphia. On Sunday (November 15), the Roc Nation affiliate fired off a handful of tweets urging them to put their beefs behind them in the wake of King Von and Mo3’s recent murders.

“I’ll get all the main big artist in philly a deal if they put them bodies behind them and squash them beefs …I hear about,” he wrote. “got some hot young bulls from my city but they all beefing! And that’s just a idea but I’ll push thru with my city if y’all make it thing!

“It’s like 5 clicks that’s talented but they deep in! And get they most attention when they beefing! And when I say bodies I mean friends or family you lost!”

Philly’s Poundside Pop replied, “ITS TIME FOR YOU TO PICK A SIDE….. IS YOU ZOO OR NOT N-GGA????” to which Meek said, “I ain’t no fucking Zoo gang n-gga.”

Poundside then demanded Meek choose an alliance and pressed him about where he was from, tweeting, “Pretty soon everybody gone have to pick a side. Too much real shit going on to be cool wit everybody!”

When Meek responded with “18th Catherine,” Poundside quoted Meek’s own song “Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)” in which he raps, “I’m the same n-gga from Berks Street with them nappy braids.” He added, “BERKS ST IS THE ZOO. Dis shit is sad cuz @meekmill don’t kno where he from.”

Ultimately, Poundside and his friends declared Meek is now banned from North Philly for allegedly associating with their opps.

“Look at this opp-loving shit right here,” he says. “Oh my god. This some opp loving shit. You is from 63rd, bro. Not from North, bro. What is wrong with this bro? You crazy, bro. What’s wrong with you? What’s going on with your head, bro? Is you goofy?”

Meek has stayed relatively silent on the matter in the hours since the alleged “ban” was enacted. But on Monday afternoon (November 16), he tweeted, “We run the hood the fuck is you saying lol.”

Meanwhile, Poundside Pop hasn’t tweeted since October 4 when he wrote, “Murder murder murder,” which is possibly why Meek felt the need to speak on the violence in Philly.