Tyga has a long, long history of being sued and now, TMZ reports the mayor of Rack City has just — yep — racked up another lawsuit. According to T-RAWW’s former landlord, the 30-year-old artist failed to pay rent and caused $200,000 worth of damage to the Los Angeles property.

Consequently, the landlord is suing him for an outstanding rent balance of $32,000 as well $26,650 for leaving gouges in the kitchen’s white oak flooring, $15,575 for damaging the marble flooring and counters and a whopping $103,160.25 for ruining the walls with murals and wallpaper.

The landlord also claims his former tenant installed a basketball hoop that caused damage to the driveway and new locks that wrecked the entry door — without permission to install them in the first place.

Tyga apparently doesn’t have a care in the world though. On Thursday (November 12), he responded to the lawsuit with a Twitter post. In the clip, he’s laying outside in the sun and surrounded by several bikini-clad women.

“They said I can’t pay my rent,” he wrote in the caption. “Guess I’ll just sleep outside.”

Tyga faced another lawsuit in 2016 when he was sued by another landlord for allegedly abandoning a space he rented for his Egypt Last Kings Clothing store. A few months later, he was taken to court once again by a landlord with F&S Investment Properties who accused him of damaging their Los Angeles property.

Legal documents claimed Tyga ceased paying rent and “abandoned the premises without notice” in June 2015. When F&S reps stopped by the house, they found it “in gross disrepair, utility bills unpaid, and hazardous environmental waste that required a professional clean-up.”

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Fast-forward to 2018 and Tyga was sued yet again, this time by Simon Cowell’s ex-fiancée for failing to pay the $40 per month rent on her Beverly Hills home, which he had rented for himself and his young son Egypt.

Judging by his latest Twitter post, he’s not worried about the most recent lawsuit in any way, shape or form.