Naughty By Nature completed a brief tour in Africa last weekend, stopping off in three Nigerian cities in a landmark series of shows that was being referred to by the local press as “one of the most successful events in the history of entertainment in this country.”

The “Legend Fun Rampage with Naughty by Nature” hit the ancient city of Benin on Dec. 6, moved on to Lagos on Dec. 7 and wrapped up in Ibadan on Dec. 8.

“Naughty By Nature is back home to the motherland,” Vinnie said at a press conference upon their arrival. “We are here to see the people, know them and learn from them. We want to see and take from the culture too.”

When asked who he’d thank for making the trip to Africa possible, Treach responded, “I ain’t gonna thank no one for bringing me home to my home ’cause this is my home. It’s my right to be here. I’m a black man, and I’m proud to be one.”

In other Naughty news, Treach begins filming in Miami this month for his role in a new HBO series called “Baseball Wives.” The series, which deals with life of professional baseball player’s wife, will air next spring. Speaking of spring, Naughty By Nature’s first offering on TVT Records, Iicons, has been pushed back to March.

No word on whether advance bootlegging was part of the reason for the switch, but Vinnie certainly had plenty to say about the topic in a recent interview with MTV.

“All the bootlegging, it definitely hurts the labels, it definitely hurts the artists,” Vinnie said. “Consumers can buy one CD and get an unlimited amount for free. Copy-protected CDs are definitely a good thing. With all the techies and hackers out there, you will always be able to get around it, but just to make it not so simple is worth it. The labels should put up a front to show that, yes, we are doing something to begin to combat the bootlegging thing.”