Kanye West already has big plans for his position on the board of adidas that doesn’t quite exist yet.

Following his demands to sit on the board of both Adidas and Gap, Yeezy followed up with more thoughts the following day on Thursday (September 24).

“My first pillar when I’m on the board of adidas will be an adidas Nike collaboration to support community growth,” he wrote.

He’d previously threatened to only wear Jordan brand sneakers and not release any clothing through his Yeezy Gap line, despite his deals with both adidas and Gap, until he receives the board positions he’s looking for. Currently, Yeezy Gap is slated to make its first drop in the first half of 2021.

The battle against the fashion companies comes amid his other battle to restructure how record deals are made to be more in favor of the artists. In a new interview with Billboard, Kanye explained that he knows the power of his name and he plans to utilize the resource to effect the changes he wants to see.



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“My brand and influence goes way beyond just music and that of course is meaningful to [Univeral Music Group parent company] Vivendi, as it is to adidas and many other conglomerates,” he said. “If that helps me be able to help free all artists, of course I’m going to use it.”