Drake and Lil Durk are basking in the success of their “Laugh Now Cry Later” track. The lead single from Drizzy’s upcoming seventh studio album Certifed Lover Boy cracked the top 2 of the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release and in light of the moment, Durk decided to bless Drizzy with some new ice.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Drake showed off a brand new OVO x OTF chain, writing, “VVV Rare @lildurk”

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Drake via his IG story.

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Durk’s contribution to the song despite his already memorable verse would have been longer if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Oh, when I sang on the verse, I left. I thought it was done,” Durk told Complex in August. “This was around the time the studio was really tripping about COVID. But when I had left the studio, it was supposed to get mixed the next day. So that being a shorter version was on my end.”

Youth Nigerian Filmmakers Put Their Spin On Drake & Lil Durk's 'Laugh Now, Cry Later' Music Video

The influence of “Laugh Now Cry Later” has already been seen in numerous areas. The Clemson Tigers football program used the song and video to promote their 2020 season and overseas, a pair of young Nigerian filmmakers put their twist on Drake’s tour through the Nike campus.

The Ikorodu Bois, composed of 15-year-old Muiz and 10-year-old Malik, have been recreating music videos with everyday items for a while and their flip of “Laugh Now Cry Later” is genius. Instead of using a mockup of the Nike campus or a Maybach prototype, the boys decided to use a wagon with strings of lights, a potato for a football and more.