With the COVID-19 pandemic still a major threat, face masks have gone from a temporary item to something more permanent. Eager to profit from the accessory, Rick Ross has decided to start his own line of masks with a perfect feature for smokers.

The Florida rap legend’s mask is black and features white logos for his Maybach Music Group label across the front. As for the key selling point, the mask includes an extra piece of material over the mouth that, when unstrapped, unveils a small hole allowing the person to smoke a cigarette or blunt through it.

An excited Ross gave fans a preview of how it works on his Instagram Stories with the caption, “SMOKERS EDITION.” Unfortunately, he didn’t share any details about its release.

Ross has also been going back and forth with Lloyd Banks recently after calling him out for being broke.



“Banks, you still got some money?” Ross said on Instagram Live. “Show us what you livin’ like. If you ain’t got no money, I’ll give you five grand for the Banks name. That might be one of my aliases — Dank Sinatra.”

The G-Unit member responded peacefully, saying, “I’ll NEVER join the circus..so don’t expect it from me..peace & love,” but that didn’t stop Ross from taking another shot.

Ross reiterated, “The question was are you broke brother?”



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On August 26, Ross announced that his new album titled Richer Than I’ve Ever Been is on the way, after dropping the first single “Pinned To The Cross” earlier that month. He says the album title was inspired by a “short conversation with a very, very wise old person.”

His last album Port Of Miami 2 was released in August 2019, with features from Drake, Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Jeezy and more. It served as the sequel to his 2006 debut album, Port Of Miami.