Beef is more popular than new dance songs nowadays. Some have likened the Hip Hop beef game to the WWE
shenanigans. So when Diddy, 50 Cent and Jay-Z hooked up to make
the remix to “I Get Money,” it might have been too good for
some people. Then, the streets began buzzing. Could there be beef between the
three emcees? Was someone taking shots at other rappers? Diddy recently
spoke on beef.

“Everybody put all the greasy, slick-talk to the side,” he
told MTV of the track. “And we all got in the studio and cooked up
something real special for the people. That would’ve been impossible [for us to
be dissing anyone] being that we all sat in the same room and everybody helped
me out with my verse, to finish it up.”

Diddy went on to claim there was another purpose to the track.

“It just wasn’t that type of energy, you know what I’m saying? And the
song ain’t really taking shots at anybody to be honest. It’s really just
putting down your status in the game. Everything I said on there I did. I
wasn’t just … on top of the Forbes list. I was on the cover of Forbes. You
know, 10 years ago, before cats even knew what the magazine was.”

Another beef Diddy had to speak on was the alleged beef between him and Elephant Man. According to some, E-Man ran into Bad Boy offices and assaulted Combs.

“Elephant Man’s been in Jamaica…He was there and when I was here — you see, I don’t have problems like that, to be honest. That shit right there, that be happening to other people. That shit don’t be happening to me. My house is all good and everybody sees the way I handle my problems, you know what I’m saying? You just kind of let it go. Everything don’t need to be addressed. You kinda take that approach.”