All you’ve been reading and hearing about this week is 50 Cent and Kanye West. While all the hype surrounding the two releases has made this past week the most important in Hip Hop over the past few years, there’s one artist everyone has forgotten about – Eminem.

As 50 Cent rocked NY with his 5 Boroughs tour, tour sponsor Hot 97 got a call from Eminem during the Angie Martinez show. What did Marshall Matthers have to say about his future and new album?

He did mention that a new album is possible (although he didn’t allude to when) and said “If I did put out another album and I did not outsell the Fu-Schnikens then I would just quit.” 

Rumors have been circulating that Em would indeed drop an album next year but nothing has been heard out of the mouth of Slim Shady. Angie Martinez asked Em if he would drop by Hot 97 to speak with them. Eminem didn’t say he would, but did cut to the chase and spoke a little more about his future.

“You’re just basically asking me if I’m doing another album and when is it coming out…Angie you’re slick…you should be a detective, you’re slick! ‘Put it this way, I’m always working, I’m always in the studio,” he stated. Still leaving the idea quite vague.

Martinez surprised Eminem with a question about rumored beef between himself and 50 Cent. Eminem responded by saying “The only thing we ever beef about is if 50 does something and puts it on a mixtape that’s of the caliber to be put on an album.”

So that’s the most we’ve heard from Em in the past year. All it did was really raise some new questions. Hopefully we’ll get some clarification on Eminem‘s future soon.